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Hats Off Day is hosted by the Heights Merchants BIA (business improvement area) as our way to take our “hats off” to our community and a day to give back to our customers. In spirit, it’s a customer- appreciation day and a very localized community celebration – a day to celebrate the best of the Burnaby Heights district and invite others to enjoy everything we have to offer here. Outside vendors, mobile vendors, food trucks, or other non-Heights businesses are, therefore, not permitted to be in the festival or in the parade. 


Due to the space and time limitations of Parade assembly, duration, and dispersal, spots in the Hats Off Day are limited, and a selection process will take place.

Those eligible to be in the parade are the following:

  1. Heights Business Improvement Area (BIA)’s businesses (that is, merchants from 3700 to 4858 Hastings that are commercial lease-holders and business license holders on the Heights)
  2. Burnaby-based non-profit associations. (Must be Burnaby-based, and Burnaby-centric.)
  3. Burnaby elementary and secondary schools (Burnaby Heights and North Burnaby schools will receive priority)
  4. Burnaby Heights community’s places of worship
  5. Hats Off Day approved sponsors
  6. Government Agencies that have been approved to be at Hats Off Day (City government, or relevant provincial or federal government agencies)
  7. Non-Burnaby-based non-profit associations on a case-by-case basis (for example, groups that are specific to this year’s Hats Off Day theme, or a specific cultural group that represents one of the cultures of North Burnaby).
Full Rules and GuidelinesSign-up Form

How to apply

Please do keep in mind that application submission does not guarantee placement in the parade. 

  1. Parade groups and/or individuals must comply with the Hats Off Day Parade Rules and Guidelines in creating and executing a Parade entry.
  2. Applications must be completely filled and use a contact person’s legal name. 
  3. Demonstrating your group’s efforts in producing an entertaining and dynamic Parade entry will increase your chances of being selected for the Parade. 
  4. An approved entry may be refused on parade day should the entry not meet the proper rules and guidelines or their entry is not consistent with their parade application.
  5. Partisan and/or Political causes and messages are not permitted in the Parade 
  6. The HOD parade organizers reserve the right to re-arrange the Parade line-up as needed for safety and parade flow.
  7. Participation in this public event signifies your group’s permission to be photographed and the photographs to be used for the purposes of Hats Off Day promotion and communication with stakeholders, whether in digital or print forms. This permission is granted by submitting this application.

The deadline for parade applications is April 21, 2023. 

Full Rules and GuidelinesSign-up Form

Contact The Festival

Hats Off Day is produced by the Heights Merchants Association. The Heights Merchants Association is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that works to foster the economic development of the Heights business district in cooperation with the community. They organize this special festival as a way to unite the community, celebrate what we have together, and give back.

Please get in touch by email for any of the following:

Burnaby Non-profit Organizations’ Display Information

Display Information at the Urban Renewal Site –  (Please note, due to keeping the spirit of Hats Off Day truly local, we regret we cannot include non-Burnaby organizations. Visit the Displays page for eligibility information.)

Merchant Participation  (Please note, due to keeping the spirit of Hats Off Day truly local, and because the event is hosted and paid for by Burnaby Heights merchants as a customer appreciation day, we regret we cannot include vendors from outside the area.)

Sponsorship or phone 604-294-9060

For all other inquiries, please fill out the form below.

Tel. 604-294-8899