New Helium Balloon Policy

New Helium Balloon Policy

Hats Off Day, in a response to visitor demand, and in an effort to adopt more sustainable practices, has a new Helium Balloon Policy.

We ask all participants in Hats Off Day (merchants and non-profit societies) to refrain from using helium in balloons. You are welcome to continue using air-filled latex balloons on a stick. While latex is made from rubber tree sap and considered biodegradable, latex balloons are processed and covered in preservatives and plasticizers, causing them not to be 100% eco-friendly.

If you still want to stick with balloons, there are environmentally friendlier options. Ask your balloon provider for balloons that are 100% biodegradable.

Alternatives to balloons include:

  • flags,
  • pin-wheels,
  • bubbles,
  • or kites.

Helium Balloons are known to create environmental problems. They can travel hundreds of kilometres and land in pristine environments, including the marine environment where they become ocean garbage. Animals can mistake them for food and ingest them or die of asphyxiation in attempts to eat balloon fragments. Thank you for respecting our shared environment.

We are trying to reduce our environmental footprint in Burnaby and hope that merchants will follow in these green alternatives.