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Family Fun Dash

Is your child ready to join the other ‘dashers’ as we kick off Hats off Day with a bang? This year’s Family Fun Dash is the perfect opportunity to have a blast chasing after your little one. The event features a brand new starting line and a choice of distance, including a longer 4-block run for those up for a challenge. All proceeds will benefit the Burnaby Firefighters Charitable Society. Plus, every child will receive an official finisher’s medallion and a bag of goodies.

Gather your team

Get ready to run for a good cause with your little ones!

Children 2 years and older need a team captain over 15 years old to accompany them. Children under 2 can join for free, but you can purchase an entry for them to receive their own bag.

Team Captains are responsible for ensuring all members of their team cross the finish line.

Finisher medals and bags will be ready for pickup starting May 30th, from the Gulf&Fraser credit union branch at 4191 Hastings Street, Burnaby  – watch for your email invitation to collect these!

Count me in!

How to sign up

The entry fee is $5 per child participant. All proceeds will benefit the Burnaby Firefighters Charitable Society. 

Your choice between a 3-block and a 4-block distance:  both distances, please gather outside the Gulf&Fraser branch on Hastings Street @ Carleton Ave, with faster runners in the eastbound lanes of the street no later than 9:30 a.m.

After warming up, we’ll cheer the start of the 3-block distance dashers, then walk the 4-block distance dashers to Madison Ave for their start.

Wait for the race horn to sound before dashing down Hastings Street towards Ingleton Avenue, where a team of Burnaby Firefighters will be at the finish line, at Ingleton Ave & Hastings St, to give you a hi-five!

Need to visualize the race? Change the filter on the interactive map below!

Sign up

Count me in!

Contact The Festival

Hats Off Day is produced by the Heights Merchants Association. The Heights Merchants Association is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that works to foster the economic development of the Heights business district in cooperation with the community. They organize this special festival as a way to unite the community, celebrate what we have together, and give back.

Please get in touch by email for any of the following:

Burnaby Non-profit Organizations’ Display Information

Display Information at the Urban Renewal Site –  (Please note, due to keeping the spirit of Hats Off Day truly local, we regret we cannot include non-Burnaby organizations. Visit the Displays page for eligibility information.)

Merchant Participation  (Please note, due to keeping the spirit of Hats Off Day truly local, and because the event is hosted and paid for by Burnaby Heights merchants as a customer appreciation day, we regret we cannot include vendors from outside the area.)

Sponsorship or phone 604-294-9060

For all other inquiries, please fill out the form below.

Tel. 604-294-8899