The Community Zone of Hats Off Day showcases Burnaby non-profits.

The Community Zone of Hats Off Day is a chance for Burnaby non-profits to be showcased at the Urban Renewal Site and get involved in all the exciting festivities at Hats Off Day. 

Application is closed

2019 Community Displays included:

  1. Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary
  2. Burnaby Hospice Society
  3. SFU Camps
  4. Janet Routledge, MLA
  5. Burnaby International Folk Dancers
  6. Helen’s Elementary School
  7. Burnaby North Seymour Conservative Association
  8. Volunteer Burnaby
  9. Burnaby Hospital Foundation
  10. Dixon Transition Society
  11. Burnaby North Seymour Federal Green Party
  12. Burnaby North-Seymour NDP
  13. U.C.C.E.S.S. Immigrant Settlement & Integration Program
  14. Liberal Party of Canada in Burnaby North-Seymour
  15. Gilmore Community School
  16. Girl Guides of Canada – Burnaby North District
  17. Burnaby Community Services, Burnaby Meals on Wheels, Burnaby Seniors Outreach Services)
  18. Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) & AHA (Artists Helping Artists)
  19. Encorp Pacific Canada
  20. Burnaby North Baptist Church
  21. Parks Canada

Community Groups at Alpha and Hastings:

  • McGill Public Library
  • Eilleen Dailly Pool
  • Confederation Seniors Association
Political Parties at Hats Off Day: 
Political associations representing any and all political parties or political causes must respect the spirit of Hats Off Day being a non-partisan and non-political event, and hosted by the Heights Merchants Association (HMA), which is a non-partisan association.
The spirit of Hats Off Day is that it is a community and customer appreciation day, a day to give back to the community, not to take from our public. Political groups can honour this spirit by not campaigning on this day, and by organizing something creative and fun for the community to experience using that year’s “theme”. Communication materials are permitted to be available at the location of your table, but may not be distributed by walking around.
Politicians at Hats Off Day:
Political parties sometimes ask if their party leader may attend Hats Off Day. We welcome all Burnaby elected officials to be in the parade. In addition, leaders of political parties that have official party status in the House of Commons or in the BC Legislature, are also welcome to walk in the Parade. We ask that these politicians all respect the spirit of Hats Off Day and use the opportunity to enjoy being part of the Burnaby community, but not campaign using party logos, slogans, or distributing materials.
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