What is Hats Off Day?
Burnaby’s biggest annual street festival that attracts over 50,000 attendees every year. There is a colourful parade, vintage car show, thrilling race, live music, fun entertainment, delicious food, and lots of activities appropriate for all ages.

Why is it called Hats Off Day?
It’s the day of the year when the Heights businesses take their “hats off” to their community.

Where is Hats Off Day?
The festival has activities planned on Hastings St, all the way from Boundary Rd. to Gamma Ave..

When is Hats Off Day?
Saturday, June 18, 2022. From 10:30 am – 3:30 pm.

What is the cost to attend?
FREE! Enjoy the parade, vintage car show, and live entertainment along Hastings St. at no cost thanks to our sponsors, community, and merchants.
*If you would like to participate in the Family Fun Dash, entry is $5 and all proceeds benefit the Burnaby Firefighters Charitable Society. Click here for more details.

Will the festival still take place if it rains?
Rain or shine, Hats Off Day is on!

Is there an Information Booth? Where?
Yes, it is located between Gilmore Ave and Macdonald Ave at 4019 Hastings St.

Where are the bathrooms?
There are portable washrooms at the intersections listed below, either to the north or south of Hastings St. Look for directional signage.

  • Esmond Ave (SE)
  • MacDonald Ave (SE)
  • Madison Ave (NW)
  • Alpha Ave (SW)
  • Beta Ave (SE)

What do I do if I get injured, or need medical attention?
If it’s a minor incident, go to the St. John’s Ambulance located at Hastings St. and Carleton Ave. (next to 4198 Hastings St.). If it is an emergency, phone 9-1-1.

What do I do if I lost someone?
Go to the RCMP Community Police Office located at 4191 Hastings Street (next to the Dairy Queen) to report the lost child/person. Follow their instructions on how to proceed.

What do I do if I found a lost child/person?
This is a two-step process:

1. DO NOT LEAVE THE CHILD. We do not want to re-lose them.

2. Walk with the child to the RCMP Community Police Office located at 4191 Hastings Street(Next to the Dairy Queen). If the child is unwilling to travel with you, have one person stay with the child, have another person travel to the RCMP office to retrieve help from the

Where is the lost & found located?
For lost items, go to the Burnaby RCMP Community Police Office at 4191 Hastings St. or the event information booth located at 4019 Hastings St. Contact the Heights Merchants Association after Hats Off Day at 604-294-8899.

Wheelchair accessibility.
Hats Off Day is fully accessible by wheelchairs, with no stairs to go up/down on.


What are the main events, where are they, and when are they on?

Family Fun Dash

The 550 metre kids race kicks off Hats Off Day and celebrates health, wellness, families, and fun in Burnaby! This is a fundraiser for the Burnaby Firefighters Charitable Society. Click here for more info.

Time: 9:30 am

Place: On Hastings St. , the start line will be at Madison Ave. and the finish line at Macdonald Ave..

The Parade – No parade this year

Street Party

Hang on to your hats for one of the biggest, most popular community festivals in the region. Hastings St. is shut down to traffic, but open to excitement, live music and entertainment, kids activities, yummy treats, and much more! Click here for details.

Time: 10:30 am – 3:30 pm

Place: All along Hastings St. between Gamma Ave. and Boundary Rd.

Show & Shine 

Check out the 19th annual Show & Shine with classic and custom vehicles, trucks, and motorcycles. Click here for more info.

Time: 10:30 am – 3:30 pm 

Place: Between Gamma Ave. and Willingdon Ave. on Hastings St.

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